SignUp's for Hellfire Society Camp 2017

Our Location is 2:45 & Breath

Camp dues go toward renting truck to transport camp from OC to Black Rock City, camp lighting and decorations, improvement, and essential supplies to make camp run smoothly.

Click link below to pay your camp dues.

  • 2017 - Radical Ritual

Beyond the masks, the paint and glimmer of fabric, there is no pretense here. Only dark and joyous marvels whirling around moonlight, in firecracker bursts of sound and color as you're swept through the expansive desert.

New friends, dear friends. Fantastically strange friends, twisted in every shape and size and hue of beautiful. Laughter ringing through the wind, peacocks sighing in the labyrinthine garden of humanity. Wood and wind and dust, buckled brass and crimson silk. Wonderful, odd figures with wings, perched and peering and welcoming.

At dawn, you can see the days emerge. Those blissfully hot, brilliantly cloudless days, when the heat creeps in gasoline hues over the empty, waiting playa, and ignites with the bustling crowd juxtaposed with the abyss. Already you can feel the sun crackling at the back of your neck, and you know that tonight, as it sets, you'll be jumping and dancing hand-in-hand. Wherever you go, the muddled petri dish of mutant life willingly goes with you.

Thrilling. Yes, and you know a little something about thrills. But tonight, we are not pretending. This is a celebration. We're so glad you could come. Stay. Dance.

A blaze of fire and gasoline, a memory of a fleeting caress and the music grinding on and on, a breath of dust behind the tents, glowing faces captivated in the flame, a singe of smoke and love freely tossed from the close-pressed crowd.

Your nights are all music and dance, no flinching, no wavering as the lights burst and flurry. You hold steady, every muscle fixed, and the crowd gasps and gasps until the spotlights drop. Always, you hold steady. Later, much later, you’ll finally release, as the dawn creeps over the gaudy tents, ushering in sweet phantom memories rolling past half-closed eyes.

Here in the dim—the campfires dying, a chill crawling in—there’s a wild longing that takes you over, electric, nostalgic, intangible yet palpable. Each year it's the same—the wind moans with apparitions and with an ache you are drawn away. But always, you want to return knowing your mind never really leaves.

Maybe it's forever. Or maybe as this time ends, when September's hot breath runs skittering through the dust, you'll stand at the edge of the city, eyes locked for an instant, and then depart in opposite directions. But for this moment at least, all are one.

                                               ~Midnight Shade

Camp Amenities;

Great Location

30' Diameter Beautiful Dome Common Area

25' Diameter Stretch Shade Structure

Camp Bar Serving Gifted Drinks

30' x 30' Fire Spinning Zone


Scaffold with views of the Man

Nighttime lighting throughout Camp

Shower Area

Kitchen Area

Camping Area

Various classes throughout the Week.

Class Schedule TBD.


*Please bring 2 Handles to contribute to the Bar